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Aqualyx fat dissolving injections is a treatment that is proving to be a popular alternative to other fat reduction methods. The injections should be administered by an advanced practitioner and can be used on a variety of areas on the body, including: stomach, thighs, flanks, hips, upper arms and under the chin. Their use is effective when addressing stubborn, pinchable deposits of excess fat, and can help to complete the efforts of a healthy and active lifestyle.

beaut aesthetics fat dissolving

It is a compound of a substance called deoxycholic acid and essentially it absorbs the fat and you pass it out through the kidneys naturally. At BEAUT Aesthetics we only use the latest generation of Aqualyx ® which is recognised worldwide and has a proven track record of results.

A solution is injected into the localised deposits of tissue into areas which liquefies the fat cell and destroys it permanently. The lipids (contents of the fat cells) are then released and eliminated naturally through the lymphatic system.

Aqualyx ® is effective and minimally invasive, unlike liposuction and other alternatives, which require invasive surgery, general anaesthetic and significant downtime after treatment.

During the initial consultation at BEAUT Aesthetics, your practitioner will listen to your treatment expectations and discuss what you wish to achieve. Following an assessment of your treatment needs, your practitioner will recommend whether fat dissolving injections are suitable for you.

After a treatment plan has been agreed, and only once you are happy to proceed, you will be asked to read, understand and sign a consent form before the treatment can begin

Your practitioner will mark up the problem area, apply topic numbing cream to reduce any discomfort then Aqualyx ® is injected into the marked area with a fine needle. Additional lidocane is added in to the product to help numb the area.

The treatment is quick, typically taking about 30-60 minutes.

After a treatment some reactions are relatively common, these include; slight redness, swelling, itching, bruising and tenderness. The reactions are generally mild to moderate and usually disappear within 24 hours. They typically resolve spontaneously within one or two days, but for some treatments they may last longer. In the majority of cases, our patients are able to return to work or their usual daily activities immediately.

You will be required to have a full consultation with you’re practitioner before any fat dissolving treatment, but generally this treatment is not suitable for those classed as clinically overweight and those aged under 18 or over 60.

Results are fast but it’s recommended to have between two and five sessions to see a significant effect dependant on how  big the area is.

Results are usually noticed between 4-6 weeks.

It is recommended that for 3 days after the treatment you should avoid swimming pools, spas and saunas; for 10 days, you should avoid strenuous exercise; and for 2 weeks, you do not undergo another aesthetic treatment on the area that has been addressed. If a skin tightening procedure would be of benefit, once the outcome has developed, you should speak to your practitioner who can arrange this for you.

In the few weeks that follow the treatment, you may experience redness, swelling and bruising at the treatment site. As these effects should be minor and temporary, any prolonged reaction should be reported to the clinic, and they will be able to help.